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PREORDER: 25-Day Advent 20g DK

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25-Day Advent is sure to be a thrill! 

This 25 colorway kit is 580 grams of yarn, so buckle up. 24 (20g) minis and 1 (100g) skein. This set is DK.

Individually Packaged skeins for maximum surprise and awe this holiday season. Expect the unexpected with a blend of pure-hued cools, welcoming neutrals, toasty warms, and a pop of something playful!
Plus a little nifty-gifty from me!

DK is hitting 49yds per 20g skein, 1,176 yards in minis per kit. PLUS a 230 yard 100g skein. For a total of 1,406 yards. wow.  4-ply on this base, with 75% SW Merino and 25% Nylon. Let this advent make your year!

This is a preorder that should make it to your door by Dec. 1. Please check out with *only* this in your cart if you would like to take part in this years Advent escapade!

Domestic only. 

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Care Instructions

All fiber dyed at Baby Cat is 100% superwash wool, or a nearby blend. For care, it is recommended you hand wash warm, and dry flat! No dryers, no bleach, no aggressive aggitation-- other than that, should be simple as pie!


As always, every color at Baby Cat is available across all bases, in any quantity. Gentle is just waiting for its turn to shine!