Your needles are craving the Unknown...

We all need a little mystery, a little wonder.

Let me pick your colorway for ONE DK skein this fall. And then let's all knit a quick beanie to add to our wardrobe as a staple for the season. Who knows- the color you get might change everything.

Love the colorway? HELL YEAH!
Hate it? Who gives a shit--you just finished your first gift knit of the season! A win is a win.

You can't miss this, get one now.

SUPER SpOoOoPy Limited Edish Palette!

Summer bleeds to Autumn and our *loosely* spooky-themed micro palette will be here, dyed-to-order until Halloween! Order any of these 5 dynamic warms on any of our bases. Grab a sock kit or a kitten kit while you're at it. We love SpOoOoPy Season! Get it while its hotttt!

Shop right meow!
  • Custom Dyed

    All skeins are dyed specifically for you after you make your order, on whatever yarn base and quantity of skeins you want! This ensures dye-lot consistency and no waiting for me to fill the shop with what you're craving. Just order exactly as you would, and I custom dye it within about a week and ship to you! Simple as that.

  • Care

    With 100% wool, and a few select nylon blends, care should be as simple as your other knits. Handwash gentle, in warm water with a dash of soap, and dry flat, or block to your preference-- easy as that! No machines and no bleach, please... for the love of God haha

  • Shipping

    Shipping costs are determined upon checkout, based on order weight and package size; all orders are shipped roughly 3-7 business days after ordering! If your order isn't complete by this time, it will make it to the post as soon as my little self can make it to the post office. Remember, dyed-to-order equals superior quality for you! Sometimes that takes a bit of patience ;)

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