Meet the Baby Cat Squad


Name: Britta (brit or b) Horsfall
Role: Owner and Dyer Extraordinaire!
Breed: Human
Status: Stoked
Favorite part of the job: Generating new palettes, naming colorways, filling big wholesale orders, a freak for the process and a goofball in the studio.
Goals: -Grow her hair to her butt once in her life.
            -Bake more pastries and treats on days off.
            -Find every color and give it a smooch.
Favorite Colorways: Pacific, Release or Cobblestone from Lush
            Neon Watermelon, Blood Orange or Citron from Bright
            No Parentz, No Rulez from Grunge
            Just all of Earthy


Name: Ingrid Corners Horsfall ('Grid, Ingy, Dingus, or chubbabubbah)
Role: Head of Quality Control Oversight, Yarn Guardian, Vocal Performer, Backpack and Cardboard Appraiser.
Breed: We dunno, she was found in a dumpster. RAGS TO RICHES, BABY!
Status: A little annoyed, a little needy, pretty derpy. 
Favorite part of the job: Watching B wind warps or cake yarn for her projects. Also: rubbing her chin on the corner of a book cover when getting pets.
Goals: - Get out the front door! But just by like 1 or 2 steps.
            - Eat Grass even though she knows it's bad. What can she say? She is a salad lover.
            - Get box pets at all costs. (box pets? pets she receives while sitting in a box, it's that simple.)
Favorite Colorways: Asilomar from Gentle followed by Indoorsy. Also, French Pink from Soft.




Name: Teo Horsfall (Tade, Baby Tay, Baked Potato, Mateo)
Role: Resident Model, Computer Work Companion, and Parkour Entertainer
Breed: Havana Brown, Siamese Outcross.
Status: Upside down and inside out. Also Cross-eyed.
Favorite Part of the Job: The photo shoots, everything about the photo shoots. Followed up by her role as Chief of Homeland Mouse Reduction Patrol.
Goals: - Get under the covers and stay under the covers
            - Beat Ingrid at every agility trial known to Cat or Man
            - Bring B every mouse ever.
Favorite Colorways:
 Mossbed, Chloros, Basil, Forrest #1, Caught a Vibe, Baby Alienz. She is here for them greens!


Name: Deb (mom, merm, DebbyV)
Role: Yarn Washer, Skein Twister, and Mid-Studio-Day-Grilled-Cheesie-Maker
Breed: Human
Status: Just happy to be alive
Favorite Part of the Job: Washing full palettes, naming colorways, cracking up.
Goals: - Feed People
            - Remodel every bathroom in the house
            - Laugh/have fun
Favorite Colorways: All blues, all the time.