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Black Black

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Customers often ask me while I'm color consulting, "What is the darkest black in the shop?" I can now confirm: THIS IS IT!!

Black Black was first found on my paint palette, while rendering corals and highly saturated underwater scenes. I mixed a mauvine-reddish-purple with Gamblin's Pthalo Turquoise and I struck the deepest, chromatic black: flat and cold. I didn't need it for the painting I was working on, but I began to tinker and dream about this value joining the shop for you fiber artists. 

So I took this concept to my dye studio. I crossed the color wheel just right with a high-key turquoise and a wine-red, and we landed with this. A *DEEP* cold purple that reads black. My stoke over this color is *REAL* for me because, as a dyer I refuse to simply try to cram too much dye into my wool for color depth (feels like cheating sometimes). This colorway rules because it's not so much dye, just some fancy footwork around hue/luminosity/key choices to strike Black Black.

All yarns are dyed-to-order, so dream big! Select your yarn and quantity of skeins… I’ll dye it up with extra love, just for you<3

Black Black is photographed on DK 50g.

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Shipping prices are determined at checkout. As for returns, if you have any issues with your order, please message to get it sorted out! I'm always more than happy to help!

Care Instructions

All fiber dyed at Baby Cat is 100% superwash wool, or a nearby blend. For care, it is recommended you hand wash warm, and dry flat! No dryers, no bleach, no aggressive aggitation-- other than that, should be simple as pie!


As always, every color at Baby Cat is available across all bases, in any quantity. Gentle is just waiting for its turn to shine!