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9-Volt is the lemony chartreuse, that looks like the feeling you get when you stick your tongue to the end of a 9-Volt battery to test the charge. A little metallic, a little *zing* cut with a neutral, but still-- really demanding sensory attention. 
Not all that different from biting a ball of tinfoil, or drinking orange juice after brushing your teeth.. shocking at first, but after awhile you might kinda like it???

All jokes aside, 9-volt is a high-energy, self-contained, cool yellow. This color has what I like to refer to as "bite". Something in it just makes you wanna sink your teeth in. High-chroma, light-mid value, slightly neutralized so not quite a neon, but definitely its 1st or 2nd cousin! You're gonna look good in this one, we can feel it.

All yarns are dyed-to-order, so dream big! Select your yarn and quantity of skeins… I’ll dye it up with extra love, just for you<3

9-Volt is shown on Happy Tweed! (left) and DK (right)! DAMN!

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Shipping prices are determined at checkout. As for returns, if you have any issues with your order, please message to get it sorted out! I'm always more than happy to help!

Care Instructions

All fiber dyed at Baby Cat is 100% superwash wool, or a nearby blend. For care, it is recommended you hand wash warm, and dry flat! No dryers, no bleach, no aggressive aggitation-- other than that, should be simple as pie!


As always, every color at Baby Cat is available across all bases, in any quantity. Gentle is just waiting for its turn to shine!